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UVARC Announcement

UVARC monthly club meeting: 6 October Thursday 6:30 at Orem City Council Chamber Room, 56 N State St. All are welcome! The first 15 minutes of each meeting are eyeball QSOs, and they call the meeting to order afterwards. One breakout session is programming the Baofeng radios by hand! If you have one of the cheap intractable radios, this would be a good activity to meet people and get that thing programmed.

Website is http://uvarc.club. Club repeater is 146.78- 100.0 Hz tone.


A place for information, and off-air questions

Hi, I'm Bruce, KF7K.

I've put this site up to host my training scripts, and to provide a place (in comments to each post) to ask off-air questions. 

This is not so much an elmering blog as it is for training. Elmering happens face to face.

I'm happy to help you get into ham radio and to understand the language and protocols, or to help you understand the technical aspects of radio and electronics, but not so much here as at your house. Please get hold of me if you want me as an elmer. "Elmer" is a ham term for mentor.

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