Thank You – Ward Christmas Part / Priesthood Discussions – Next Three Weeks

Hello Brethren!

We wanted to take a moment to thank those who participated in being a part of the Ward Christmas Party. We are grateful to the Relief Society and the Brethren who made it another great success!

Here are the discussion topics for the next three Sundays in Priesthood. We look forward to seeing you!

Date                           Talk

12-9-18                      “One in Christ” – Elder Ulisses Soares

12-16-18                    “Be Not Troubled” – Elder Ronald A. Rasband

12-23-18                    “Believe, Love, Do” – Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Merry Christmas!

Elders Quorum Presidency

Help setting up for the Christmas Party

Hi Brethren!

We would greatly appreciate your help in setting up tables and chairs on this Thursday, Dec 6 at 8 pm in the cultural hall.

If we could get every available brother to help. We could get this completed in less than 30 minutes if we had 10 or more brethren. With this being one of the larger ward activities, there are several tables and chairs to set up.

“Many hands makes light work!”


Elders Quorum Presidency

Sunday Third-hour Meeting, and December Stake Service Project

Dear Brethren!

We hope that all is well with you and your families and that you enjoyed your Thanksgiving Holiday. It is a great time of year.

Tomorrow during the Priesthood/RS hour the Bishopric will be discussing the Sunday schedule which will change at the new year. We encourage all of you to come and participate.

Also, We have been asked by President Byers of the Stake Presidency to pass on information concerning a Stake Service Project for the Month of December. This is included with this email.

God Bless You!

(From President Byers)

Following our stake conference, president McCann felt strongly that we needed to do something as a stake to be of service in our community. After discussing it with ward leaders and researching different options, we have chosen to partner with Community Action Services to help the homeless and needy in our area.

People in need are helped through Community Action Services on a daily basis. They provide about 60 Hygiene Kits and 10 Homeless Kits each day.

A Hygiene Kit may consist of the following travel sized items: shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash, deodorant, comb, razor, floss, and lotion.

A Homeless Kit consists of the following items: flashlight, first-aid kit, emergency blanket, candle & lighter, can opener, gloves, and socks.

We will be purchasing supplies in bulk to save money and stake members will assemble the kits on Wednesday evening, December 19th. We will hold 3 assembly sessions, one at 5pm, 6pm, and the final one at 7pm.

We would love to be able to donate and assemble a good supply of both the Hygiene Kits and  Homeless Kits. By purchasing in bulk, we are able to provide Hygiene Kits at a cost of $1.84/each and Homeless Kits at $7.43/each.

We are asking stake members to donate to the other category in their ward and designate “Homeless Service Project”. These donations will need to be done using the paper donation slips as you cannot make this designation using the online system. We can provide a full week of supplies with $1300 in donations.

We are also accepting donations of sleeping bags. New and used sleeping bags are acceptable. Used bags need to have been washed and the zippers need to be functional.

Please invite ward members to participate in this service project by donating and/or helping assemble kits. We would like donations to be completed on or before December 9th. Church members can come to the stake center on December 19th at either 5pm, 6pm or 7pm to help assemble the kits and place them in gallon-sized ziplock bags.

As we reflect during this season of giving, may we consider the homeless and those in need. We feel this is a wonderful way to administer to their relief.


Dear Brethren!

We hope to find that all is well with you and your family. Tomorrow’s discussion in Priesthood will be“Come, Listen to a Prophet’s Voice” – Elder Dean M. Davies.

Also, please review your Ministering Assignments. This would be a good time to follow up with your families as many of them will be traveling for the holidays.

For those of you who are traveling, please be safe and if you are already at your destination, Happy Thanksgiving! See you tomorrow for those of you who will be in attendance!

Elders Quorum Presidency

Opportunities for Service

Hi Brethren!

Thanks for your participation in Priesthood today. Brother Curtis, we appreciated your preparation!

Here are a list of the service opportunities this week. Please put in your calendars, we need all available Elders this week.

EQ Service Opportunities For The Week
Date Time Service Activity / Location Needs
Deseret Meat Packing Assignment
Monday, Oct 29 12 pm-3pm Deseret Meat Meat Packing – Need 3 Brethren
1173 N. 200 E. Spanish Fork Phone: 801-355-9000
Provo Temple Cleaning Assignment – Each Night at 9:30 pm – Room #2 Housingkeep Super. Room
Tuesday, Oct 30 9:30 PM Provo Temple Brothers: Martin, Briscoe, Bishop, P.Vogel
Wednesday, Oct 31 9:30 PM Brothers: Davis, Miller (Need 1 more)
Thursday, Nov 1 9:30 PM Brothers: S. Vogel, Seamons (Need 1 More)
Friday, Nov 2 9:30 PM Brothers: Olenik, McOmber, Sperry
Come in your church clothes – They will provide you with temple cleaning clothes upon arrival
Set Up Chairs for Stake Conference at the Church
Saturday, Nov 3 12:00 Noon Set Up Chairs for Stake Conf. Need all available brethren – 10 to 15
Assist Sister Jennifer Nagel Move Furniture
Saturday, Nov 3 1:00 PM 730 E. 930 S. Apt D402 Need 4 Brethren
Has about six pieces of furniture

Also, please plan on attending Stake Conference and hand out announcements to your families with whom you are assigned.

7 pm. Sat, Nov 3 – Adult Session

7 am, Sun, Nov 4 – Priesthood Leadership – EQ Pres, Assistants, Sec,

10 am, Sun, Nov 4 – General Session

This is a week of tremendous blessings!

Elders Quorum Presidency

Calendar Items (Pres. Miller)

Dear Brethren!

We hope that this email finds you and and your families well. Here is a list of calendar items for the next couple of months. This includes, lessons, Ward Halloween Party, and a reminder for Stake Conference.

See You Tomorrow!

Elders Quorum Presidency

Calendar Items
Sun, Oct 21 Lesson – “Deep and Lasting Conversion to Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus Christ” – Elder Quentin L. Cook
Sun, Oct 28 Lesson – “Gather Together in One All Things in Christ” – Elder David A. Bednar
Tues, Oct 30 6:00 pm – Ward Halloween Party – “Trunk or Treat / Chili Cook Off”
Sat, Nov 3 7 pm to 9 pm – Adult Session – Stake Conference
Sunday, Nov 4 7 am – Priesthood Leadership – Those in Leadership positions are required to attend

10 am – General Session  – Stake Conference

Sun, Nov 11 Lesson – “Firm and Steadfast in Faith of Christ” – Elder D. Todd Christopherson
Sun, Nov 18 Lesson – “Come Listen to a Prophet’s Voice” – Dean M. Davies
Thurs, Nov 22 Thanksgiving
Sun, Nov 25 Lesson – “Divine Discontent” – Sister Michelle Craig

A message from President Miller

Hi Brethren!

We hope all is going well for you and your families. As an Elders Quorum Presidency, we would like you encourage you to be 10 to 15 minutes early for our Sacrament Meetings. There is a great spirit which we feel when we are early and on time to meetings.

Our lesson for tomorrow is: “Christ the Lord is Risen today” – Elder Garrett W. Gong. We encourage everyone to read and be prepared to participate.

We need one more brother to assist in the Deseret Meat assignment this week – Tues, Aug 21 at 9:15 am to noon – Spanish Fork – 1173 N. 200 E. Behind Macey’s Grocery – We will discuss in Priesthood tomorrow.

Also, please put on your calendar to attend General Stake Priesthood Meeting – Next Sunday, August 26th at 6 pm. This is for all Melchizedek and Aaronic Priesthood brethren. Pie will be served!

From President Miller

Dear Brethren,

Tomorrow’s Priesthood lesson will be “His Spirit To Be With You”President Henry B. Eyring given during the April 2018 conference. Please study this lesson and we look forward to your participation.

Also, please put in your calendar a reminder to attend Stake General Priesthood Meeting on Sunday, August 26 at 6 pm. This will be for all Aaronic and Melchizedek Priesthood Holders. It will be held in our building.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow! Thanks for all you do!

Elders Quorum Presidency