According to Jonice Webb, the emotionally neglected all harbor what they consider their fatal flaw, something we feel strongly that if others discovered would result in banishment. Mine is that I fake most of my social feelings. I just don't feel them. I'm so concentrated on processing my feelings intellectually, "thinking" my feelings, that when I'm with people it takes a lot of work to process what is happening as I chat. At least I used to. As feelings slowly open up to me I can use them to help me process what's happening. Right now it mostly only happens with my family, but maybe it will expand. I'm sure it will.

Anyway, I can admit my flaw now, and realize (intellectually, at least) that this is something I largely had no control over. So mostly I don't feel all that bad that it's difficult for me to access my feelings. I was raised that way. That was my job as a kid.