I want to use this blog to express the occasional thought I have, though I can't guarantee it will be calm, or popular, or that you, my reader, will come off looking all the good.

Topics I plan to address:

  1. Driving as though we are operating a locomotive
  2. Child sacrifice is alive in well in the USA, and the world link
  3. Global Warming and the Progressive Luddites: Sir, may I have more, please? link
  4. First row effect and solvent system why aren't these in chemistry books?
  5. Risks that are small mean more to us than far larger risks link
  6. Science by the Press isn't really science link
  7. Walking is more than getting back to where you started
  8. Fossil fuels are the most awesome thing EVER!
  9. Bifenthryn and the undoing of the Rachel Carson DDT legislation
  10. Molecular Orbital Theory is not the Adamic science
  11. The Wilderness Act stopped acting but the corpse is still draped across the landscape of the West
  12. The Internet is like the street in front of your house, and always has been
  13. Self Esteem is the most important thing you can teach your kids, and your friends link
  14. Open Carry your opinion says a lot about your role in society

These will get me going, at least. I hope you have noticed that I'm doing a lot with formatting. This is a test post to see how the wysiwyg editor works in the final display of what I write post.